Bag-In-Box / Bag-In-Drum Filling Systems


Cornes Technologies supplies Bag-In-Box / Bag-In-Drum aseptic filling systems and hot fill systems to the food and beverage industry in Japan. Aseptic fillers and bags are manufactured locally under license from Rapak Asia Pacific Limited of New Zealand and are marketed under the INTASEPT® brand name in Japan and other Asian countries. The patented INTASEPT® technology provides unique filling features and is the market leader among BIB filling systems in Japan. Liquid products can be packaged aseptically under normal working conditions, allowing food and beverages to be filled, stored and transported at room temperatures, thereby retaining their original natural tastes. BIB aseptic filling systems are used extensively for fruit juices, fruit pulps, coffee, tea, dairy products, and seasonings. To complement the INTASEPT® product line, Cornes Technologies has developed a fully automated high-speed hot fill machine, which is marketed under the brand name, WELLPACKER™. This system is used for mineral waters, wines, liquors, dairy products, seasonings, and a range of other products.


Beer Kegs and Associated Equipment

Beer Keg

Cornes Technologies has been supplying stainless steel beer kegs, cleaning and filling machines, and other associated equipment to brewery companies in Japan for over 30 years. Cornes Technologies is the market leader in this sector and, to date, has delivered over 8 million stainless steel beer kegs to all the major breweries. In addition, Cornes Technologies has installed more than 400 lane-type and modern rotary-type keg cleaning and filling machines (supplied under the brand name of FLOW MASTER), along with associated equipment, at many breweries across the country.




The ARCA COMBO is a 1000L plastic collapsible and assembled container manufactured by Arca Systems of Sweden. POWER CONTAINER is a similar 1000L collapsible and assembled container but made of light aluminum. These containers are designed to hold large volume liquid products. Inner bags can be enclosed within the containers and this packaging method is both easy to handle and suitable for storage and transport. The collapsible structure offers space saving advantages and improved efficiency.

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