High-Speed Vision Inspection System


GENIUS® is a high-speed vision inspection system from Applied Vision Company of the U.S.A. It is designed to inspect for interior and exterior surface defects on metal cans and carton packages on high-speed production lines. GENIUS® utilizes sophisticated algorithms and software to achieve very high inspection accuracy at extremely low failure detection rates. The system is widely used overseas by major can makers and other leading companies, and has a reputation second to none. KROMAKING® a newly developed color inspection system, shares the user-friendliness, ease of operation, and high inspection accuracy of the GENIUS® system. It is capable of inspecting the quality of prints made on plain surfaces such as metal sheets, paper, plastic sheets, etc.


Infrared Gauges


Infrared Gauges 710e SERIES – MM710e and IG710e. These gauges are manufactured by NDC Technologies, a UK company acknowledged and recognized around the world as a leader in infrared equipment and technology. Infrared gauges are designed to measure the moisture, protein, oil and/or fat content of materials in a variety of industries. They are also used to measure the thickness of plastic sheets and coatings in continuous on-line production processes. NDC infrared gauges are renowned for their high levels of accuracy, stability and reproducibility, and there is an installed base of more than 10,000 units worldwide.


Seam / Seal Inspection Equipment


Quality By Vision Ltd. is a company specializing in advanced inspection equipment for food and beverage cans, such as the automatic double-seam analyzer, SEAMETAL 9000HD, and the seamer calibration tool, CLEARANCE GAUGE.

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