Choosing a Business Partner

Why Cornes Technologies (CTL) ?

Why Cornes Technologies (CTL) ?

What do companies seeking to enter the Japanese market look for in a business partner to represent their interests?

  • Reputation?
  • Expertise?
  • A proven track record?

CTL can offer all this but much more, too.

Strength and Stability

CTL is part of Cornes Group, one of the oldest and most-respected trading companies in Japan. Cornes Group has been successfully introducing new and innovative products and technologies from around the world to satisfied customers in Japan for more than 150 years.

CTL is a leading specialist importer and distributor of high-tech products and technologies and has for long been a trusted supplier to Japanese Government and industry with an established record of success in the aerospace, communications, defense, electronics, security, science, and industrial machinery sectors.

CTL has unrivalled local market knowledge and, as an approved supplier to Japanese Government and industry for many years, has built up an extensive network of contacts and customers across both the public and commercial sectors.

One-Stop Shop

CTL provides its overseas principals and suppliers with a fully comprehensive service, including:

  • Promotion and marketing of products for sale, participation in trade shows and exhibitions, seminars, media advertising, etc.
  • Access to an extensive database of existing customers and established sales channels
  • Bi-lingual sales staff and engineers with past experience of similar and/or complementary products and technologies
  • Customer prospecting, follow-up visits, facilitating of communications
  • Order placement and payment in home currency (e.g. US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling) with local (e.g. ex-works, FCA, FOB) delivery
  • Order collection, transportation and insurance, export/import, customs clearance, and final inspection and delivery to customer/end user
  • Invoicing, payment, financing and foreign exchange risk management
  • Technical support, after-sales maintenance and repair

Keeping the Customer Satisfied

For the customer, CTL offers a local point of contact available during normal working hours to discuss, in the customer’s own language, any matters that might arise, including:

  • Technical specifications, pricing and delivery
  • Terms and conditions
  • Order processing and paperwork
  • Trouble-shooting / Resolution of problems and disputes
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Warranties and repairs
  • New product developments

Skills and Knowledge

CTL sales and support personnel are:

  • Highly trained and experienced; the vast majority educated to degree level, many with science and engineering backgrounds
  • Bi-lingual and able to communicate and transact business in the English language and to provide translation/interpreting services as required
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